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Posted 01/24/2018

By Far BEST Lawyer

Brian Chase is by far the BEST criminal defense attorney! He is honest, passionate, extremely intelligent and has a high level of integrity. He ensured that I was kept informed of the progress of my case and the likely outcome of the proceedings with full explanations at every step. He successfully had my complex case dismissed at the local level, as well as, at every level of appellate court proceedings. His knowledge base and hard work is only surpassed by his modesty and compassion. I am forever grateful to him for all of his work!

Awesome Attorney

Brian represented me in my personal injury civil suit and I'm very happy with my settlement. I found him to be incredibly helpful, available, kind, and professional. I certainly hope no one ever needs a lawyer, but if you do, I highly recommend Brian.


Posted 12/29/2015


Posted 01/06/2018

A guide through a very scary time.

When I got arrested for a DUI I thought my life was over. I had read online the punishments I was facing and, only grew more terrified as reality settled in. When I went in for my consultation Brian was very kind and, thoroughly explained the reality of my situation instead of the fantasy that I had built in my head. I hired Brian immediately because I felt confident and comfortable in his abilities after speaking with him. Throughout my whole trial Brian was always open and thoroughly explained what was happening and, what would happen next. When ever I had questions he always answered them quickly and completely. In the end, he was able to help me have my charge of an extreme DUI reduced to a regular DUI. I was never in the dark and always knew what was happening and what would happen next. Brian made the whole terrifying prospect of being charged with a DUI a far easier and far less scary process. I would highly recommend his services for anyone who finds themselves I need of them.


Posted 02/10/2016

Exceptionally pleased with Mr. Chase's representation

I initially interviewed 4 Tucson attorneys before making my decision on hiring an attorney to represent me. I needed a defense attorney after being charged with 9 felonies by a grand jury indictment. A few charges were possession of marijuana (12+lbs), marijuana manufacturing & distribution, intent to distribute, 2 weapons charges and child abuse. I immediately made a few phone calls and jumped on AVVO. I was referred to Mr. Chase by a friend who had hired Mr. Chase in a marijuana DUI case.

After I met with the 4 lawyers I had decided to interview and consult with, I went home and wrote out a pros and cons list of each one. I then took a few minutes to analyze what my gut was telling me. In both analyzations, Mr. Chase came out on top.

In the interview he was both thorough and detailed in expressing my options. He explained what his approach would be. He took detailed notes as we talked. He listened to what I was saying and of what I was asking. He answered all of my questions with solid and knowledgeable answers off the top of his brain. I asked all 4 attorneys the same questions. Mr. Chase knew the answers, without having to pause to look it up, which isn't true of the other 3 lawyers.

Mr. Chase was exceptionally timely in all correspondence and communication. He did all of the communicating himself, not somebody else. There was not one unexpected hiccup along the way. Mr. Chase utilized all the resources available to him on my behalf, such as using the courts finances (saving me a substantial chunk of money) to hire an independent investigator (a neutral party and certified by the courts) to conduct several action items that were pertinent to the outcome of the case.

He had an extreme knowledge of the inner workings of the court house and a VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL: He had solid relationships with the Judge and his staff inc. Interns & the Judges Clerk. This proved to be most beneficial about halfway through my case. As far as dealing with the prosecutor, Mr. Chase was keenly astute as to timing of certain issues and when to address those issues.

Mr. Chase always kept me apprised as details and information trickled in. He communicated in terms I could comprehend, not in lawyer-speak. He always gave me a reason as to why he was doing what he was doing and explained the benefit to me. He was very au courant and anticipatory of the next steps to make, quite frequently he was 2 or 3 steps ahead of where we were in negotiations. He was always well prepared and supraliminal of the process and resources that were available. My case took 10 months with about a dozen court appearances before wrapping up.

The bottom line is that I did do a lot of what I was being charged with. It took me a while to accept that fact and come out from under the denial rock. But at the end of the day, the 9 felonies I was charged with (comprised of class 2, class 3, class 4 & class 6 felony charges) had a 3.5 year up to 7 year potential for jail time on most of the charges. To complicate things, I had a prior felony conviction dated 19 years earlier that came in to play that Mr. Chase had to overcome. I ended up pleading guilty to 2 charges (a class 4 &class 6). Mr. Chase got the other 7 dismissed. The 12+lbs he got reduced to


Posted 8/28/2015



Job Well Done!

My son got himself into a little trouble while at school in Tucson. Luckily I chose Brian to represent my son based on research I did on line. 
Brian new exactly what we had to do in order to get all charges dismissed. His representation throughout the whole process was invaluable. My son's reputation is not blemished by one lapse of judgment that he had. Thank you so much!