DUI and Fingerprint Clearance Cards

In Arizona, a DUI charge or conviction can have lasting consequences. Besides the immediate risks of jail, fines, and classes, it can have a long-lasting impact on employment.  We have previously discussed how a DUI can affect a professional license, but a DUI can also have an impact on your fingerprint clearance card.

Simply being charged with a DUI will result in a change to your fingerprint clearance card. While it will not be revoked, there will be a notation placed on your card and your employer may be notified. The notation says that you are precluded from driving any vehicle to transport employees or clients of your employer as part of your employment. This means if your job involves driving to pick up people, such as a school bus driver, you will no longer be able to work.

Here is the Arizona law regarding DUI and fingerprint clearance cards:

A person who is awaiting trial on or who has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit a misdemeanor or felony violation of section 28-1381, 28-1382 or 28-1383 in this state or the same or similar offense in another state or jurisdiction within five years from the date of applying for a fingerprint clearance card is precluded from driving any vehicle to transport employees or clients of the employing agency as part of the person's employment. The division shall place a notation on the fingerprint clearance card that indicates this driving restriction.  This subsection does not preclude a person from driving a vehicle alone as part of the person's employment.


In order to get this restriction removed, you need to win your DUI case. If you are convicted, the only option is to wait 5 years before DPS will remove the restriction.

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