Police Can Pull You Over for Texting and Driving

In 2017, Tucson made it illegal to operate a phone while driving. This law, however, did not do much to change behavior. This is because the traffic violation was not a so-called “primary offense.” That means that police could not pull you over for simply using your phone. Instead, they had to observe some other traffic violation in order to initiate a traffic stop.

This has changed. Tucson City Council has now made operating a phone while driving a primary offense. If police see you using a cell phone, they can initiate a traffic stop and give you a citation that carries a fine of $50 - $250. As a primary offense, it also means police can initiate a stop for cell phone use and then investigate for other crimes such as DUI or possession of drugs. (Pima County and Oro Valley also have laws against using a cell phone while driving.)

How do you minimize your risk and maximize your safety? Use hands-free devices while driving in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Pima County. If your car does not already have a Bluetooth connection to your phone, consider getting a Bluetooth FM transmitter. These devices are available on Amazon for less than $20 and can connect your phone to your car’s stereo, allowing you to operate your device hands-free.

 This law may seem minor or a mere inconvenience, but it in fact recognizes the serious dangers of texting while driving. Over 400,000 people a year are injured as the result of a driver using a cell phone while driving. In 2015, nearly 3,500 people were killed as a result of drivers distracted by cell phones. That is over 9 people every day dying due to cell phone use while driving. Put the phone down. It’s simply not worth the risk.

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