How Much Will My DUI Cost Me?

Many people cited for a DUI are shocked to discover how much a DUI can end up costing by the time it is finished. Most people think primarily of the cost for a lawyer and don’t realize how many more costs are involved.

Paying for a lawyer is probably the first cost that comes to mind. The standard flat-fee range for a DUI lawyer in the greater Tucson area is anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000, or more. If your case goes to trial, there will be an additional fee (again, ranging from $1,500 to much more). If you qualify for a public defender, you might be charged a much smaller fee (or no fee at all).

The big surprise for many are the hidden costs in the many things the court or MVD will require in a DUI case. Almost every little thing will cost you—and all of those little costs add up quickly. In addition to the lawyer’s fee, a conviction for a first-time, non-extreme, DUI charge, you can expect to pay:

  • $50 - Alcohol evaluation

  • $48 – MADD Victim Impact Panel

  • $45 – Intake for alcohol education classes (varies by agency)

  • $150 – 16 hours of alcohol education classes (the court may require more than 16 hours; cost varies)

  • $1,500 – Fines & taxes

  • $214 – DUI recovery fee

  • $300 – Jail fee

  • $600 – Ignition interlock costs (this will vary by company)

  • $10 – license reinstatement (MVD)


This is a rough estimate, as fees vary by agency, courts, and other service providers. This is just an idea of what amount you might expect to pay to successfully complete the requirements of the court if you accept a plea offer or are found guilty of a first-time, non-extreme DUI, with no additional criminal charges. If you are a client of a qualifying mental health provider or agency, your alcohol evaluation and education classes may cost you nothing out of pocket.

Does all of this sound like a lot of time and work and stress? It is. Having a lawyer represent you with your DUI charge can take some of that weight off your shoulders.



*Costs may vary by court or by provider; these costs are estimated