How to Resolve a Warrant

If you miss a court date for your criminal charge, there may be a warrant out for your arrest. It’s a common occurrence. Maybe you forgot about the court date, or an emergency came up, or you put the wrong date on your calendar. Regardless of the reason, a missed court can result in a judge issuing a warrant for your arrest.

If there is a warrant out for your arrest and police stop you for something as simple as speeding, they will find the warrant and take you to jail. Defendants have been arrested at their offices, class, and while out with friends. To avoid this kind of embarrassing situation, it is important to resolve your warrant before you are arrested.

Most courts allow you to walk in and see a judge to request that they quash your warrant. However, many courts have specific windows of time when you are allowed to do this. Call the court that issued the warrant to find out when you can appear and ask a judge to quash your warrant.

Additionally, there are some after-hours dates when you can appear at the Pima County Justice Court regarding a warrant. The upcoming dates are October 30, November 27, and December 18, 2018. On those days, Pima County Justice Court will be offering extended hours until 7:00 pm for individuals to appear and request the court quash their warrants.

If you are unable to make it to court, or do not feel comfortable going through this process alone, a lawyer can assist you. By hiring a lawyer to represent you in the case, the lawyer can file a motion with the judge to quash your warrant. In most misdemeanor situations, the judge will quash the warrant after receiving the motion, without required you to first appear at court.

After the court quashes a warrant, the court will set a new date in your criminal matter. Make sure you (or your lawyer) attend this next court, or a new warrant may issue.

If you need assistance with a warrant in your criminal charge, contact us today.