Are DUI Lawyers Worth It?

There is no question that a good DUI lawyer is expensive. So, is it worth hiring a DUI lawyer for your case?

I tell people they should always have a lawyer due to the complexity of DUI cases – but that does not necessarily mean they need to hire a lawyer. Frequently, individuals are in my office talking to me after an arrest and I tell them they should use a public defender.

The reason for this is that every case is different, as is every person charged with a DUI. Additionally, public defenders are not bad lawyers. In fact, some of them are truly excellent and better than most private attorneys. So, how do you pick which DUI lawyer you should use?

What a private attorney offers, unlike a public defender, is more time. My case load is only a fraction of the case load of a public defender. That means I have more time to spend per client than a public defender. Does that mean you will have a different outcome? Not necessarily. It does mean that I will have more time to meet with you and to answer your questions as the case progresses.

Additionally, public defenders are limited to representing you only in the criminal case. Yet, there are other consequences of DUIs outside of the criminal case. You may challenge the license suspension from MVD, which means attending an MVD hearing. You may have consequences through a licensing agency for your job. You may have been in a crash, resulting in a civil lawsuit. These are all situations where a private attorney can assist you, when a public defender cannot.

Hiring an attorney is a very personal decision. You are placing your life in another person’s hand. You must feel comfortable with that person and trust them to do everything they can to protect you. In the end, only you can decide if hiring a DUI lawyer is worth it in your case.