TPD Ticket Quota

The Tucson Police Department announced a new ticket quota for their officers. Before this announcement, TPD officers had no ticket requirements. They were not required to write a certain number of tickets per day or per week. However, under this new quota system, TPD officers will have to average one ticket per day. Read more here: PD policy means more traffic tickets for Tucson

This new policy comes at a cost. No new officers are being hired. That means the current officers have to complete all of their normal duties on top of making more traffic stops. This quota may result in declining service in other areas, as well as delays paperwork, response time, and investigations.

Be careful out on the roads. With these new policies, expect officer to stop more vehicles. You can also expect that they will be giving out fewer warnings and more tickets.

If you are issued a traffic ticket, know your options. You can take defensive driving to remove the ticket from your record, if you have not taken defensive driving in the last two year. You could send in a payment prior to your court date to pay off your ticket. Finally, you can challenge the ticket in court. Keep in mind, if you do end up with a ticket on your record that it may affect your auto insurance rates.

Be careful on the roads, obey all traffic laws, and stay safe. You do not want to end up as a number to pad an officer’s quota.